Welcome to the WeSeeGenius community!

We are a place for the rebels and misfits who dare to change the world. In launching this community, we hope to create a gathering place where people who are unsatisfied with the world seek to make a true meaningful difference with their lives.

We hope to inspire and motivate, to introduce you to the world’s most impactful change agents, to provide ideas and tools to help you make your dreams and aspirations come true. We are the place where the compassionate bring their heads and their hearts to achieve something greater than themselves. And we hope that our stories serve as camp fires around which the most thoughtful conversations can occur.

We named our community WeSeeGenius to honor the best of the late Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, and the inspiring thoughts perfectly captured in the campaign he launched on his return to Apple. WeSeeGenius is part of C-Change Media, the digital media company that serves the higher education market. As such, many of our stories will focus on recently graduated students–both undergraduates and graduates–who are using their education to pursue less traditional paths in social entrepreneurship.

Our goal is to provide an inclusive starting place to make a difference in the world.

Enjoy! And please contribute!


John A. Byrne

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